Best of 2011

Vocational Program: Billy Sallis

Billy Sallis shares his insights on treating others right and how to manage others with respect and patience. His shining example makes him the Best of the Best.

Group Home: Suzanne Freed

Suzanne Freed talks about her experiences with the girls in her group home, and how changing lives through love is a two-way street. Her generous and caring attitude makes her the Best of the Best.

In a Facility: Treva Roland

Treva Roland speaks about the value of inter-personal relationships and the value of knowing that you make a difference in the lives of others. Her love and patience makes her the Best of the Best.

Agency Home: Lori Saldeen

Lori Saldeen demonstrates how one dedicated person can have a profound, positive impact on those around her. Her aptitude of giving of herself makes her the Best of the Best.