Best of 2010

Companion Home: Yvon Hayes

Yvon Hays shares her home and provides all the care for Mandy. Yvon experiences rewards and difficulties as an agency companion but Mandy has become a part of her life.

Group Home: Josh Clark

Josh Clark has turned his interest in music into an asset as house manager. The rapport he has established allows him to deal with problems as they come along.

Agency Home: Ricco Folks

Larry had seen many staff come and go. But his consistent relationship with Ricco Folks has made a change in Larry, and Larry has had as much of an impact on Ricco.

In a Facility: Seth Steinwand

Seth Steinwand’s work at NORCE shows the concern and care he has for guys in his unit. He treats everyone at NORCE like they are his cool friends, the people that he wants to be around.

Vocational Program: Sarah Akram

As a job coach Sarah Akram not only helps her clients learn new skills and accomplish work at their jobs, she looks for creative ways to make the work and learning experiences fun.

Family Home: Susie Manis

Habilitation Training Specialists were hard to find in Ace’s rural community. So working with OKDHS Ace’s mom, Susie Manis received the training she needed to work with Ace as his HTS.