Karen and Ron Wasson

2014 Karen and Ron Wasson

Agency Companions Karen and Ron Wasson of Seminole, Oklahoma, are dedicated parents and advocates for the young people with developmental disabilities that they serve.

Jon Tucker

2014 Jon Tucker

Habilitation Training Specialist Jon Tucker’s dedication to the people with developmental disabilities that he serves improve the lives of those he works and cares for.

Mary Ann Nall

2014 Mary Ann Nall

Agency Companion Mary Ann Nall is a force of nature when it comes to loving and caring for a woman with developmental disabilities named Danielle.

Pamela Linton

2014 Pamela Linton

Foster Parent Pamela Linton is considered by many longtime pros as the “heart, soul and conscious’ of the DDS Specialized Foster Care Agency Companion Program.

Shelia Johnson

2014 Shelia Johnson

The Bridges Foundations’ Client Services Supervisor Shelia Johnson is determined to prove that her job coaches have what it takes to do a top-notch job for any employer.

Pat Bray

2014 Pat Bray

Agency Companion Pat Bray who shares her home with Stacy who now has a job, interacts with Bray’s large family, attends Wynnewood High sporting events, and travels often with Bray.